Our service and quality guarantee an effective solution for your dispatches.

24-hour Safe Warehouse

Our facilities are monitored 24 hours to ensure the safety of our clients.

How we work

Trust us with your products.

We store your products in our warehouses.

The client buys your products.

We process your order.

We deliver your product.

We handle the tracking of your delivery.


Logistic and Foreign Trade

​At Call Tech Logistic you will find a professional organization committed to your company.

We have 20 years of experience in the logistics market, providing quality, security, and trust.


Considering the product to be stored, we will study the best way to do so. The rack-space will be determined according to the merchandise.


Our Reach

CABA - AMBA - Prov. de Buenos Aires - Rosario - Santa Fé - Córdoba - 

Deconsolidation of containers

We unload your container. With our moving walk we enter the container, facilitating and speeding the deconsolidation operation.

Foreign Trade

  • We are specialists in Foreign Trade.
  • Door-to-door service if your company wants to import and has a supplier.
  • We hire international freights, clear through customs, move the merchandise, store it, and locally distribute it.
  • Import, counselling, representation of foreign companies in the Argentine market.
  • Export, counselling, product export.
  • Argentine Wines export to all Latin America. .
  • Storage
  • Deconsolidation
  • Logistics


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    Investing in storage will allow you to reduce costs, time, and movements as well as it will provide you with a greater capacity of adaptation and a better response to demand, significantly increasing the quality of your service towards your clients.



    Are they a fiscal deposit?

    No, we do not serve as a tax warehouse.

    In which area are you?

    Strategic Location: Lamadrid 169, Troncos del Talar, Gral. Pacheco, Tigre.

    Entrance to the Tigre Industrial Area .

    Do you have a security system?

    - 24-hour alarm system.

    - 24-hour camera system.

    - 25-meter surveillance station.

    - Municipal Surveillance Cameras in the same block .

    - Tigre´s Surveillance Operation Center around the corner.

    Security is handled independently according to each product, and at the request of each Company.