CallTech´s History

Back in 2003, after working for several years in foreign trade for a multinational Laboratory, we decided to directly explore the private sector, creating Call Tech Logistics S.R.L.

Since its founding, Call Tech has an international outlook besides its experience, work and development obtained in the corporative level from different perspectives.

This profile has given us the possibility to attend the development of first-class Multinational Companies, as well as to reflect these knowledges in the processes of National Companies.

Through this brief review we want to invite you to work with us and, thus, be able to contribute in the building of a history of prosperity together.

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About Us

Our work policy is based on two pillars.

1- Customized service for each Company with personalized attention.

2- No to constant Problems. We believe that, despite the daily dynamics of the activity, the key to success is to focus on preventive work applying continuous improvement.

Our Values







Long-term Projection

Trust us with your products.

We store your products in our warehouses.

The client buys your products.

We process your order.

We deliver your product.

We handle the tracking of your delivery.

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